Valve shims

I think Im gonna do my valves myself. If I need shims, does anyone know how much tey cost. Do I need to take the cam out ot replace the shims? About how long does this procedure take? Im kinda scared but the dealership I was gonna have do it asked me what year my wr450 is....SO I thought to myself. Theyve only made them in '03 and '04 and the '04s arent out yet. If a Yamaha dealership doesnt know that then I dont want them working on my bike. Any pointers would be much appriecated to. Thanks guys :)


The manual gives a pretty good description of this process. Also look at Motomans site and read up on YZ timing, the process is similar. The valve schimms will cost about 5.00 each. If they are out of spec. its very possible that you will be able to move them around to other valves and end up only needing 2 or 3 new ones. New schimms come in increments of .05 so you won't hit your ideal clearance on the button. You will need a torque wrench, and one of those extension magnets. The cams need to come out. Very important to measure the clearances before removing them, draw a diagram of the 5 valves and write down clearances. When removing the cups and schimms, do it one at a time, write down the schimm size and place them on a piece of paper in the same pattern as in the motor. Take great care not to mix anything up. The process is not bad at all, just take your time so things don't get mixed.

Read the manual, read Motomans YZ timing, the process as well as things to watch for are there. First time will probably take about 3 hours.

You also will need a very small flat screwdriver when reinstalling the cam chain tensioner, I used an optical screwdriver. A 1/4 inch drive torque wrench is great for this and you will need a short 8mm socket. Take your time and all should go well.

Hope your dealer stocks schimms.

Most dealers will trade shims, unless you want to build up a reserve of them, take them in and swap for what you need.... :)

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