2010 YZ450F, Fifth Gear pinned

Ok, so i posted this on the old web page and i forgot to copy and paste it so i can keep it in my archive. I have a 2010 450 and for some reason it feels like it wants to sputter in fifth gear from mid to full throttle or full load. I spoke with the dealership and they say it could be to th weather conditions with the fuel injection mapping, do to the fact that fith gear demands alot mnore fuel. alot of peeps up here seem to think it is a tranny issue. I am not trying to pinch pennies, but it needs to get fixed. do we have any ideas, or just the same as before? thanks thumper buds

Same as before.

If you can't hear the misfire in the exhaust, if it never does it in any gear but 5th, and it feels like something that would happen if the chain started hopping over teeth on the sprocket, it's the trans.

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