Best grip glue...Fletch Tite

I have been using Fletch Tite as grip glue. It can be found in wall-mart or any archery shop. It can rain all day and they never come loose. You can carry it with you as well. If for some strange reason it does come loose, which it has not happened to me yet, You can re-glue in the trail becuase it sets up in minutes. It is $3 for a tube and will last a while. Spread it like mustard ouy of the bottle all over where the grip is going to go and slide the grip on. Its waterproof and works the nuts. I am yet to use safety wire for my grips. It comes of easy as well. It starts to crumble when you peel the grips off.

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I have had good luck with Threebond Griplock glue.No need to safety wire grips with this stuff either.Just my 2 cents.

Bryan, you have to put some of the glue inside the grip too. If you only put it on the handlebar, the grip squeegee's it off as it slides on, leaving such a thin layer that it vulcanizes too fast.

I've always had good luck with Aqua-Net hairspray and safety wire.

Oops, I thought this was the Tammy Faye cosmetics forum. Sorry...

I tried to put my grips on with some Yamaha glue and the grip slide 1/2 the way on and that was it. It couldn't move it forward or backward. I ended up having to cut the grip off and start over!!! Did I just buy the wrong glue?

i've always used spraypaint and no safety wire. have tried hair spray on mt bikes but always had problems with water.

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