Glowing Exhaust

I just bought a new 2001 YZ 426, i just gave it its first oil change last nite, when i was thru, i cranked it and let it idle for about 2 to 3 minutes, i noticed that the exhaust pipe was glowing soon as it comes out of the cylinder, is this normal? Once i started riding it, it didnt glow as much, but still did glow some, is this normal???? I checked to make sure i have oil pressure and everything seems to be working fine, someone fill me in!!!!!!

Yes the glowing is a normal phenomenom. My'01 is getting kind of old now and it still does it a bit. You should see a WR with the baffle still in, it's practically a guiding light

That is just one of the things you will have to get used to. These are four strokes and yes it is normal for them to have glowing red exhaust.

Welcome to the 426, the glowing head pipe is normal.


Ah yes,,,the wicked glow. I love it! Makes me warm just thinking about it.

Ride em if ya got em!


Man, I pity you guys should you go down and your leg get pinned under the pipe....Perhaps a form of 426 Branding?


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Well, that's what the guard is for. Your KTM has two pipes to brand you. Tatoo's anyone? KTM is having a double feature pipe tatooing at their next convention. :)

man, i must be lucky-my 01' doesnt glow night or day--better be careful!

Let it idle for a couple minutes at night and it will glow. If it doesn't you are probably not jetted right...

The stock headpipe is constructed from thin metal. That's mainly why it glows so eaily.

Anyone have any marshmallows? :)

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