New guy here.

Hello, I just bought a 2008 WR450f. My intentions are to ride trail and do supermoto. In time I'm sure I'll be asking questions and such. Until then, ride safe.

Welcome to the club!!!

Welcome to ThumperTalk! Post some pics of that bike if you are so inclined. We love pictures.

Welcome. I would also like to explore the Dual Sport or Super Moto angle myself. Do you have your wheels yet?

I have an 05 and used it last year for harescrmbles. I went back to 2 smokes and use my WR for dual sporting now. I love the bike on the road. Im running some low gears at 15/50. I run some dual sport shinko tires. Its still a blast on the tral, but now on the road is a blast. The bike will crank wheelies everwhere and you can put it down to the pegs in turns. I think i have more fun with it now than just off road.

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