On the MX track it kicks ass if you have a bike that's powerful enough to not have to feather the clutch. Works great on a 300cc 2-stroke or a hard-hitting 450cc 4-stroke. What it comes down to is that you don't have to sit down as much (most people sit down on rough tracks to get any feel for the foot brake). You'd be very surprised what you can ride fast while standing having your main controls at the bars. Makes it super easy to rear-brake tap in the air too. I truly believe it cuts down braking distance in rough sections under a skilled rider as well - you can stay on the balls of your feet standing up and maintain better rear traction while braking.

Use what works for you, everything else is machismo bullshit. If a bloody thumb throttle works for you, use it, I can't stand the things but that's not the point. Point is listening to others tell you what specific control setup is "best" for you is like asking someone else to tell you what makes you happy.

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