benefit ride at Fall Line Offroad Feb. 17-19


Calling on our offroad family again for help. This will be a dual benifit for two families. My uncle Ray Urssery and his family lost everything in a fire recently and a local rider came to me recently and asked if I could help with a family member of his (Melissa Dyer) who has stage 4 liver cancer (not caused by alchohol).

The ride will be spread out over three days to give everyone a chance to come ride. Also the Cherokee National Enduro is on the 19th. This will be a great way to get some warm up time before hand and help out some good people as well.

I will provide porta potties and hopefully consessions. I will post more info as we get closer to the date.

So hope to see you all soon. last time we did this we raised $2000.00 for a family in need. lets see if we can do it again. Thanks, Anthony.

directions from Milledgeville Ga. Take hyw 441 south aprox. 11 miles to new fall line freeway on right. Then go aprox. 2 miles to J.M. McCullough rd. Turn left then about 100 feet take right into entrance. { note: all distances are guesstimations so be aware of that)

mailing address for anyone who may wanna donate but cant make it.

Benefit ride 191 Mt. Pleasant Church Rd. Gordon Ga. 31031

For GPS users 1159 J.M. McCullough rd. Gordon Ga. 31031

itll get ya pretty close. Dont know if the new Fall Line Freeway is on the maps yet or not. if so it should be real easy.

Camping is welcomed. Also a bounce house will be provided for the kiddies.

we will be open rain or shine. so dont let the weather scare ya off. :bonk:

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