can yz125 side panel fit on wr426?

Hi guys,

Would like to know if yz125 side panel fits on a wr426? Any modification i need to make it fit?



Hi Weison,

I don't know the answer to your question for sure, but I recall reading somewhere that YZ side panels will only fit on WRs if the overflow tank is relocated or removed and a narrower exhaust is fitted. Don't take this as gospel though.


no they cant because the airboxes are completely different, so the number plates fit differenty :):D

ok, hope i can help you on this


you need the 2 stroke air box (97-01) 125 or 250 airbox AND the side panels.......thats all that is needed!!!

it will bolt right on

q: why do this mod?

a: 1)well, an article from YRRD dept said that it provides better breathing for the yzf as there are side scoops on the 2 stroke side panels.

2)the weight savings are also equal to that of changing our stock airbox to the DSP carbon fibre airbox!

anyway, heres the pic of my bike (how it used to look like)


hope this helps

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