The All Elusive DR 125 SE (94-96)

WHAT IS THIS BIKE??!!! I've been trying to put back together a basket case of a 1994 DR125se, and finding any real literature is damn near impossible. what is this bike exactly and what works best when it comes to adding mods or even interchanging parts, does this bike have an exact replica that has easier to find parts, such as a KLX or perhaps a DRZ 125? can i use the DR200se manual in lieu of the dr125 se? , i have tons of questions, and any knowledge would be awesome and appreciated. i really like the lines of this bike and i think it has tons of potential in regards to making it really stand out. and the fact that they are super rare here in the states adds to the coolness factor, i have also gleaned from the net that this bikes motor is exactly the same as a suzuki GS 125 or the later model GN 125 if your unfamiliar with the bike, here is a link to some reviews and lite specs http://www.motorcycl...25SE-1985-2001/ Thanks for taking the time to read this thread :smirk:

There really are NUMBERS of this bike still available and it is no problem to get parts - in Europe. This is what the winter-dry used market in small Austria has to offer at first sight:

With the smallest DR it might just be the other way around: The big DR 650 SE was only sold from 96 to 00 and one has to shop for parts in the US or even Oz, while the mini-DR was sold here in considerable numbers. Just have a look across the big pond ...

Thank you for the speedy response, and your 100% correct they were plentiful overseas, but only imported for 3 years to the states. or so ive gleaned from my research into this bike. the only dr125se's only forums that i can find on the net, are European or Asian.

btw thanks for the link, sadly though, im only good with english, and some would contest that fact as well

Bad Billy, if it´s only a question of language I can be of help. At least for your German-speaking sources ...

Bad Billy, if it´s only a question of language I can be of help. At least for your German-speaking sources ...

THANK YOU kindly sir, i appreciate that immensely and if the need arises i will surely contact you with an IM, :smirk:

You are welcome to do so.

excellent el capitan, thanks again, :smirk: Now on a different note, does anybody else have any definitive information, technical data, compatibilities with other bikes etc, that would be excellent. shoot, the history on the DR125 SE and input from owner operators of this bike would also be appreciated.

Engine: aircooled 4stroke single, 2 valves, 31 mm carb, electric start, 12 hp @ 9800, 9 Nm @8000

Frame: steel, 35 mm fork, steel swingarm, monoshock with preload adjustability

Brakes: 230 mm disc front, 130 mm drum rear

Wheels: 80/80-21, 100/80-18

Travel: 205/200 mm f/r

Consumption: 3,6 litres/100 km

I can´t help you with compatibiity - in Europe the 200 cc version as well as the 250 have never been sold. Only 125 cc, 350 and 650.

The engine was used with FI in later models as well: DR 125 SM, RV 125 VanVan. Emissions restrictions cut the power to 10-11 hp then. Hardware was the same throughout, so you should be able to get new stock from your suzi-dealer if required.

I tested the VanVan about a year ago for a magazine. The bike did well in general, up to 50 mph you can talk about acceleration, everything above requires some patience. Max speed I reached was 100 km/h (62 mph) according to stock speedo. The engine has been built for ages. It will not pull your arms, but it is well-known for reliability.

My neighbour sold his DR 125 a year ago for some hundred Euro. It wasn´t shiny anymore, as he was the 3-5. owner, but still ran as you would expect. The brakes are sufficient (nothing more), suspension is very soft as soon as you are not the standardized Japanese @ 130 lbs.

DR125S (82-91):; DR125SE (94-?):

Rating in motorcyclenews:

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Excellent bit of info, thanks again captain, do you know how much oil this bike takes and what the valve clearance is? also, did u say this bike has been fuel injected in the past? thats pretty neat.

Hi, the DR 125 SM (supermoto) produced from 2008 features injection with a throttle body of 26 mm, the VanVan since 2008 should be the same (from 2003-2007 the Van Van had a carb). Both models are now discontinued in Austria for 2012 - the number of DR 125 SM and VanVans on the market is not really big.

I found valve clearances in a German forum of 0,1 mm for both intake and exhaust, mentioning that exhaust clearance should not be smaller than intake. Another source states 0,3-08 mm intake and 0,13-0,18 mm exhaust for the Van Van. With the big DR 650 you have 0,1 in and 0,2 out; so I´d guess that intake 0,1 should be spot-on, but for the exhaust I´d rather go for 0,15 mm.

The required amount of oil is 0,95 litres when changing filter as well, 0,85 litres without.

BTW, I found several form-threads mentioning the group of valves/cam/rocker arm/cam chain tensioner as probable weak points. It might pay to have a close look and keep an eye on valve clearances and/or unusual sounds from the cylinder head.

I should start to think about charging a consulting fee, shouldn´t I? :smirk:

I am looking at my suzuki DR 125 SE service manual right now, and it says valve clearance (when cold): IN. & EX.: 0.08-0.13mm (0.003-0.005 in ) with piston at TDC.

As for performance, I've heard that SP 200 motors are a direct replacement.

"engines only" produces a kit that bumps displacement up to 190cc.

That is a website for some reeds.

And apparently some DRZ125 exhausts fit on it. I've seen an 06, but it was mentioned that it had to be completely assembled before tightening all the bolts completely or else the silencer is a bitch to get on.

Lets keep this thread alive, I'm welcome to all tips and tricks to make this bike a go-getther!


Change- .085 L (0.90/0.75 US/imp qt)

FIlter change: 0.95 L (1.00/0.84 US/Imp qt)

Overhaul engine: 1.3 L (1.37/1.14 US/Imp qt)

On my last oil and filter change, I added about 1.2 quarts after everything was said and done.

While looking through Craigslist today I saw one of these for sale. I thought for sure it was a typo. I never knew such an animal existed.

Awesome Cav1er, keep the info coming! im a bit discouraged today, i could only get the darned thing to fire for a second or so, no real continuous running, do you know what the factory setting is on the adjusted screw, im gone from 1 turn to 3 and a half turns out and still nothing is consistent, it must be carb ? or maybe exhaust valve isnt seated right? any ideas would be great, ive been trying to get this bike up and running for awile now.

Have you checked your valve lash? Fuel flow (petcock, float valve clogged jets etc). My 350 would really struggle to fire so I checked the valve lash and found a tight intake valve. A quick adjustment and she fired right up.

Have you checked your valve lash? Fuel flow (petcock, float valve clogged jets etc). My 350 would really struggle to fire so I checked the valve lash and found a tight intake valve. A quick adjustment and she fired right up.

Gonna check that this afternoon, i need to go buy a feeler gauge this morning. and as too keeping this thread alive, i agree whole heartedly. i had a heck of a time finding any real info on this bike. so whatever u guys can contribute is greatly appreciated.

btw i cleaned the petcock yesterday, completely broke it down and blew it out with compressed air then sprayed it with carb and choke cleaner, as far as the jets go, i completely broke down the carb, other than the diaprghm at the top, the screws are stripped out bad, i may need an ez out

still at it, im about to drain all the gas in the tank and restore the inside, its rusty. any ideas on product or procedure? also im still trying to find the time to do the valves, im thinking a carb jet kit, like a 1-7 stage kit, couldnt hurt, along with some new reeds, but im not sure how their gonna come out, and go back in. ive done reeds on a 2 smoker, but never a 4, due to the fact most 4 strokes dont have reeds, thats what valves are for :bonk:, but reeds do help out in the long run for "spit back" on any bike imo. thats another thing that i like about this bike, its exclusivity and rareness here in the states. hey im still up for keeping this thread alive, and would love to hear any stories or information pertaining to these bikes, and pictures would be great, it would be cool to meet other people that own this particular model bike.

Well how about this ! Dont see much about these 125cc bikes as they later became the dr200se. Today i just put a new Works shock under her 1994 dr125se. She had one made to lower the bike 2in.

Next will be the big bore kit from powroll,can use the same one i did on my klx125.The top end is the same. Or just bolt the 200 top on. Now you gotta watch the pipe as some have a bend that puts the exhaust on the air box on the 125se if you go with one from a dr-z/klz. I have the supertrap Powroll use to sell that clears just fine and bolts to all the stock locations.

The bike is not that rare,Suzuki just bumper up the cc over time.You tend to see 200s more than 125s.Still see 200s on the showroom floor for sale out this way. They made them up till 05.

Next will be a set of 17in wheels.Unlike the euro model it will be on a drum brake rear hub just to make the swap smoother as it will spend more time on street than trail.

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