The All Elusive DR 125 SE (94-96)

I thought that the airbox's shape and intake boot act as a a way to force air into the carburetor. it would seem that only having the filter stuck on the carburetor would it would take away this phenomenon

Well, the airbox is stuffed under the seat, with 3 little holes feeding it. If you eliminate that restriction, you allow the engine to breathe more air. It does reduce the dead air space though, but stick your hand around the filter when going about 45 and you'll still feel dead air (no wind.)

The only thing I can think that would be better is a forced induction.

I also replaced that filter with a red two stage uni filter, and I noticed that it richened the carb up- due to more filter resistance.

Happy New Year! i know a little late, but ive been too busy riding to internet! lol, well a little update, the DR is running like a champion, it actually took control of the woods trails all winter long, and held up like a trooper. I intend on posting some pics of the DR125se as soon as i get a chance, remember, feel free to chime in on this thread if you own or have ever owned, or wish to own the suzuki DR125SE. Happy Ridin'. :ride:

I've a couple of DR 125's - a kick start one of 1992 vintage and a 2000 125 SE. The SE's been a bit of a headache as it dropped a valve a while back but I've just about got it running again with a 200 motor.

Other than lacking in power they seem to be a fairly agile little bike. I do prefer my 92 though, it's just a little better finished than the 2000 one.

New owner of a very nice stock 1994 DR125SE, 1100 miles on the clock. 


It runs like crap, though.  No power, and seems to be running very rich.  Tank is clean, no rust, surprising that.  I removed the carb and it was very clean, so I am forced to suspect something else.  Also seems to idle very high (above throttle setting) then if I load the engine it will drop back to correct idle.  Twist the throttle, start high idle again. Timing off perhaps?


Couple questions:


1 - does anyone have a link to an online service manual, or would be willing to share a copy w/ me?


2 - the carb has a second line coming out of the right-hand side, and on mine it was not connected to anything....where is it supposed to connect?  I looked all over for a barb for it to connect to but found nothing.  I capped it.


Im tryin to piece back together a 1994 DR125se wiring harness that's been chopped up, Does anyone have a printable electric schematic they could share? MANY Thanks

The 1995 Suzuki DR 125SE

I just picked one up in near mint condition with original owners manual, bike doesn't even have 1,200 miles. Anyway to share photo and or the owners manual?

Hello, I just picked up a 94 DR SE. It's my first bike. Did anyone have luck finding a free manual online?  I have basically the same questions as alabamatoy.

I am confused about the carb hose and the throttle is a bit slow to respond. Could the latter just be fixed with a new throttle cable? 

Thanks for any info. 

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