Wife's KLX140 Project

Worked on this project almost a year, wife had another bike to ride so not rushed. Lightly used 2008 KLX140 we picked up for $1250, with some aftermarket goodies and labor we turned out a pretty cool bike for her.


KX85- Shock /forks, fender and front plate

Racetech/Cannon springs

Tag clamp/ T2 mini bars, Fly grips

RM85- complete ft brake system/ fork guards

BBR- D2 exhaust /26mm Keihin carb

Outlaw adj clutch perch/lever

Renthal gold chain/ 51T sprocket

Prowheel rims / Dunlop MX51 MX31 tires

Decal works backgrounds

Maxima fluids


Suspension service

Shock clevis fab/lenghtened 1"

Frame dent reservoir clearence

Airbox mods for more flow

Fabbed fuel screw

Eliminate/bypass ign light

Powdercoat stem clamp / fab bar riser.

Still looking for a good shifter and someone that makes tall seat foam.











nice bike. not 1300 dollars any more....lol

I just built a crf 150 for a guy. cr 85 forks and most the mods u done. bbr 195 kit, header, carb etc. he spent 2400 just on parts.... lol

I'm lookig at a Moose xr100 and ttr125 shifter and call sdg on the seat foam.

Bike looks great! on my 11yr old sons 2009 140L i put 2004 yz85 forks with cannon racecraft f/r springs, 1984 atc 200x keihin pd 24mm carb with bbr 26mm carb adapter, carb top, throttle cable/sleeve, drilled 5ea. 1/2'' holes in the airbox cover, and opened up the area were the airbox screen is (all the way to the edge of the screen) bbr d2 pipe and installed a klx 450r head light. It's his trail/mx bike and this is great as he like it as much as his 2009 kx 85.

Thanks guys, I'd like to see some pictures of shifters like somebody mentioned. Pretty sure I checked with SDG.. and Guts, who make seat foam..so far

no luck.

Nice looking project. So why not put a set of "L" wheels on it instead of doing the seat? then again she may be at the in between inseam size I suppose.

After my wife gets more time on her 140L, I'll do exhaust and the carb. I just jetted it, installed a Uni filter and vented the airbox for now. It runs great. Like yourself, I need to find a better shifter.

I did bypass the iginition switch and relocated the stock choke down near the carb since I'm still running the stocker. These are great trail bikes with some set up. It's great how the KX parts bolt up with minimal modifications and truly look factory finished.

FYI.... I took an angle grinder to the swingarm and got those tabs out of the way from the chain. It looks like you still have a tab there. The tab may not pose that big of a concern, but I still had some bad visions in my head if the chain hung up on it.

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Thought I'd sneak over the fence and see if the grass really is greener over here.

Looks like it is ~ WoW that is a great looking bike! Nice work, the Powder coating / rims and decals really set that bike off

I'm resurecting a $400 2003 DR-Z 125L into a (DRZ / KX100) playbike for my wife and daughter. I see with the 140 yall get a much nicer frame and the Sweet E-start happy button. Looks like I'll be searching out a KLX 140 for my next build.


mbwhiffi, the grass is a sweet lime green over here! Thanks for the comments.

Trailrazer, went with the small wheel in case we do mini-moto, 14" is max around here, and it fits her well.. just the seat angle could be better. I did plan on cutting the chain guard brackets, wanted to make sure it would clean up nice so wouldn't looked hacked.

She's getting some track time this weekend, should get some good feedback.

It's tricky getting that bracket ground down and not make it look hacked. I worked it over with the grinder and it certainly felt like I used too big of a hammer for the job. Maybe some different wheels will help out. It doesn't look too bad though.

Being in AZ.... I'd be willing to bet that a custom ATV shop could build you a seat to suit your preference. My buddy had a custom seat built by a local shop for his Yamaha FJ 1300. They used his stock cover and added to it. Looked really good and reasonable price.

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She seems to be fine with the seat, so we'll leave it for now. Said it handled great and power was real smooth. I didn't get to ride it this day..she kept away from me...lol


great job!

Your garage makes me ill! Ill cuz mine is a hole in the ground by comparison. Oh, and yeah.... nice bike!

My wife raced a KLX140L for a season butit was cheaper to put her on a CRF150RB than try to make the 140L competitive.

My wife raced a KLX140L for a season butit was cheaper to put her on a CRF150RB than try to make the 140L competitive.

Well the crf150rb is a MX only bike and the klx 140 is a trail bike so I would hope so..

Well the crf150rb is a MX only bike and the klx 140 is a trail bike so I would hope so..

Yeah at 47 years old she found the 140 lacked power out of the corners. Although it did have pretty good top gear speed on the grass sections. But the stock forks flexed like crazy

The KLX is a play/trail bike and the wife rides for fun/practice.

dirtpoor, thanks....?

To clarify, YES! You've got an awesome garage. No stuff stacked up to the roof, clean floor, lots and lots of work space and cabinets for the tools... you put me to shame. And on top of all that, a nice bike! Yep, I'm getting ill again... from envy :smirk:

  • You do good work, nice bike. When you look into tall seats again check out Guts Racing.

Did you make the longer shock clevis yourself or did you have it made?

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