Adding key switch to a WR400


I recently purchased this switch of ebay which apparently came of a 1999 wr400.


It has three pins so I thought I could just remove the kill switch and wire in place but the thing works in reverse. Ive been reading so many threads on here about this but still cant work it out. How do I wire it in and where is the best place to put it, looks like it also has some kind of lock on it too.



Which wires have continuity with the key in the off position and with the key in the on position?

When the key is off then there is nothing bridged but when its on all three are linked.

Ive stripped the switch down and I cant change the way it sets them continuity so I'm going to break into the wire that runs to the coil, when the switch is on i have continutiy so that should work shouldn't it?


or go to your local bike dealer and pick up a key switch to a honda 50 or something. thats what i did. its only to keep the honest theif away. these bikes are light enough someone really wanted it, they will pick it up and toss it in the truck. get the honda key, and wire it into the computer.

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