2005 Rmz250 Leaking coolant from cylinder and coolant into oil?!

I've got an 05 RMZ250 that is leaking coolant into the oil and is also leaking coolant out of a little weep hole that is on the right side of the cylinder just below the valve cover. I'm wondering if I have a compound issue. I realize I need to replace the oil seals on the water pump to keep the coolant out of the oil, but wonder if these oil seals being bad would cause coolant to come out the weep hole as well or if I have another issue.? Is there any other way the coolant could be getting into the oil?

you talkin the little weep hole on the HEAD thats just below the valve cover on the right hand side of the bike? If so thats not really a weep hole, thats just leads to the spark plug cavity so that if/when water gets in there is drains out instead of sitting on the spark plug.

Alright.. I didn't know that. Why would coolant be coming out of that when I ride the bike? I'm not talkin a lot, just enough to know what it is and down the side of the cylinder it wet.

No real way for coolant to come out of that. Its Prolly that the head gaskets leaking coolant into the oil and the valve cover gaskets letting oil mixed with coolant leak out that hole

i would think a head gasket would be your fix.

yeah I no what your talkin about I had the same problem

with my Crf it's gonna either be a oil seal behind the water pump side and you have to pull the whole side cover case off and I'd just replace both of them so you won't have to worry and if that doesn't do it it'll be a head gasket.

I traded my FMX ramp for this bike and hadn't even hardly messed with it. I went ahead and replaced the oil seals and when I started the bike up it blew coolant out of the overflow line.. when I revved it it blew it out harder. So it is definitely the head gasket and hopefully the head isn't cracked :smirk: . I'll let you guys know how it plays out. Let me know if there is something I didn't think of.

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