Just Picked up my YZ426!!! got a question though

hey everyone i got my bike!!! i havent ridden it yet but i started her up. it only took me 2 kicks!!!!!! i couldnt belive it. the bike sounds like a beast! here's my question though. i bought this bike from a dealership and i havent gotton a manuel or anything yet. so where do i drain my oil at? and where do i put the oil in. i know where the oil goes but i thouht there were 2 different spots that you fill it up in? im not sure. so if anyone could tell me i'd appriceate it. and how much oil to put in. stuff like that. that i need to know if you could help me out

make sure you get the manual-its very good,covers everything.do the first oil changes asap as the screen gets awful dirty.also watch the oil res. as you take the bolt out -itl soak the front tire. :)

There is one drain plug underneath the engine. It's accessible through a hole in the skid plate. The other drain plug is located on the front of the frame down tube where it just begins to "Y". Make sure you hold your drain pan just below and in front of this plug when you remove it or oil will be all over your front tire. Turn the wheel to one side also. You might want to remove, inspect, and clean the coarse screen at the frame tank outlet. You need to remove the hose to pull this screen. I think it calls for a 22mm socket or boxed end wrench to remove this plug. The screen is held in by this plug. It takes about 1600 to 1700 cc's of oil to refill. When you add the oil, the first quart will fill just fine, however, the second ~600 cc's take a bit more patience as the oil tends to want to back up and overflow the fill tube. After you do it a couple of times, you'll know the do's and dont's. The service manual is a neccessity.

Motoman- congrats on your new bike. A manual is very important, and should have come with your bike, at least mine did. I know some have said they got a special spark plug tool with their bikes but I didn't get that, and it would be handy since you have to have at least a union and an extension to get it out. Look at some of the older posts here to learn more about the important maintenance on this bike. The main thing is to keep the oil fresh, and some other things to look at soon are the swingarm and steering head bearings, get some grease on them as soon as you can. Other than that just give it the gas and hang on... Oh, and I usually put about a quart and a half or maybe a little more in mine after I drain the oil. Another important thing that is in the manual is how to check the oil, you need to let the engine run a couple minutes then check it right away after you kill it, or else your oil will drain partly back down in the engine and you'll think you are low. hmmm, can't think of anything else right now but I'm sure some of the boys will add more if I forgot anything. Good luck...


Do a search on maintenance and you should find much info for you reading pleasure. With a new bike, I keep an eye on several things. The spokes will loosen on the first 3 or 4 rides, so keep an eye on those. The stock chain will stretch a great deal as well. Caution: Don't overtighten your chain. Use the 3 1/2 finger rule at the beginning of the chain protector on the swingarm. (top) I would also immediately take out your air filter and get some oil on it. They don't put much on from the factory. Also, put some grease on the filter lip so it seals the airbox. Surgical gloves work great for this kind of stuff. Check your air pressure in the tires. Should be around 13 lbs. both ends. Break the motor in properly, not giving too much gas for the first hour or so. I would change the oil immediately after that hour of riding. Then go and romp on it for another hour or two. Change the oil again. Then it should be ready for a nice long ride.........Best of luck and get that manual. Also, read as much about these things as you can. You will be happy you did. :-)

One more thing to add about checking the oil. Don't screw the dipstick in when taking your oil reading, just drop it in hole and pull it back out. Everybody else covered everything I can think of. I'll also reiterate getting the owners manual and the spark plug wrench. The dealer should have provided both with the bike, if not go get em'.


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