Change full set of drive chain/sprockets or only chain? (with pics)

2008 WR450F with 14K km. Drive chain is way over specification length, so i was going to change the full set chain/sprockets. Now it looks to me as if the rear sprocket (in service for the whole 14K km) is in pretty good shape compared to the new one (black). The front sprocket is only being used for 5K km and also looks (to me) in good shape. So why not leave the sprockets and go for only a new drive chain?




The general rule of thumb is to change both sprockets and the chain at the same time, that way they wear together. If you have the new spockets you might as well put them on. There is no sense in wearing out a brand new chain on worn sprockets.

Just my $.02

Chain and sprockets at same time. For me the front 14t seems to always be first to go. I use the Gold x ring chain and steel sprocket kit from Rocky Mt Atv for $90. Just change them out once a year and don't worry about it much in b/t.

Stress over suspension and tires, not over chains and sprockets.....

to me there are lots of miles back in those sprockets, i would only go for a new chain..

As said earlier, chain and sprockets usually go hand and hand. That being said, those sprockets look decent, yet we cant see any grooves along the backside or the thickness of either of them. It all depends on your budget. IMO, I would change them both but if you can afford to only change one, then the chain will suffice!

i'd have no concerns using those sprockets with a new chain

Steel sprockets dont wear out on their own, the chain strecthes and and hooks the teeth od the sprockets

change the chain before its totally knacked and the sprockets will last a very long time

My road bike went 60K miles on the same sprockets coz I changed the chain before it damaged the sprockets

I'm on my 3rd chain on my wr, but the OE sprockets

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