2011 yz 450 exhaust suggestions

I wana put a aftermarket exhaust on , to gain a little hp and more mid and top end but dont wana break the bank ......... Any suggestions ( not a full system ) ?

MRD Racing builds a very effective slip-on at a reasonable price. According to his testing, there is nothing about the OEM header that needs to be corrected, so why pay for it?


I used a Yosh slip on before buying the full system, it made a good bit more bottom mid and top but the full system blew it out of the water...you can find just the new S.O on ebay pretty cheep

I'm going with Akra or Yosh full system as well. I've ridden these bikes with just a slip-on and full system is way better. The only thing a slip-on does is for more top end it does nothing for low or mid.

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