New ride

Just tried my 2002 WR with the YZ tank & seat with a new set of Michelin M-12. :D :D

I feel like I got a new bike :):D.

Handling is so much better and with the new tire the grip is much more secure. I tought that some you were whimpering over the original tires for nothing, but after having experienced what a good set of rubber can do, I have to confess that I should of done that before.

Great ride


I installed the Clarke tank and YZ seat last weekend. Its been 40 and raining all week. The weatherman says some sun tomorrow, can't wait to try it out.

I put a yz seat and tank on my 99 WR 400 at the begining

of this summer. Best thing I ever did.

We are going to a spot north of Hawksbury tommorow,it's on the Quebec side off of Scotch lane. You just go straght over the bridge at Hawksbury,through the lights at the Highway to Lachute. Have you ever been there?

No, But I'd like to have more infos on that spot. I'd really like to do at least a couple of more real rides before winter. I don't have much free time, but I'll try to have time during the week. My week ends are mostly dedicated to family.

I've had the Clarke YZ tank/seat combo on my '01 426 for a couple months, and it's great. #1 favorite thing about it is that the gas tank isn't in my lap anymore : )

Just finished my first ride with the Clarke YZ style tank. Very nice, its thin and easy to move up on. Got the 3.3 gallon model, need the range for some rides. My advise is don't take more gas than you need for your ride. The difference in feel between a full tank and 1/2 is big. 10 lbs right off the top of the bike is very noticable.

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