WR purchase...Please help me decide.

I have an opportunity to buy either a 2004 or a 2007. Both are for sale on Craigslist in my area. The 2004 is listed for $2000 and the 2007 is listed for $3000. Both bikes seem like they are in great condition. Great deals and a fairly below market. My cheap self wants to get the 2004, but my other self says "For $1000 more you could get the aluminum framed model." Is the 2007 that much better? The other reason I'm leaning towards the 2007 is because of the easier ability to use the YZ 50th anniversary yellow plastic and graphics which took my breath away. Please help! I should say that I am not a fast or great rider and probably would not be able to appreciate the handling benefits of the newer model. In fact, I was disappointed to learn the 2007 has a slightly stiffer suspension than before. I'm coming off a 2000 DRZ400E. Thanks!

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I wouldn't think that you will be able to notice much in handling difference between the two. I'm sure the '07 probably feels "lighter", but that would be about it. But, for resale value alone, you would probably be wiser to purchase the '07. It all comes down to what you want. Maniac


I've owned a 2003, 2006 and a 2008 WR. Without question the 2007 is the why to go. If the 2007 is in good shape, $3,000 is a fair price. I weigh 175 lbs out of the shower and I wear and carry 30 lbs of additional "stuff" ready to ride. I found the stock 2008 springs (same as the 2007) to be too soft. The forks sagged to much, which allowed the bike to settle too far into the stroke at rest. The forks beat me too death on the little choppy bumps and I ran out of travel on big bumps at speed.

Thanks guys. I had pretty much decided on the 2007 and sent the guy an email (he didn't list his phone number). He responded by saying he thought he had it sold and would contact me if the buyer flaked. The bike had been listed only for a few hours. :smirk:

$2K is a good deal for that 2004. Motor is same. You don't need trickest setup while you're learning. Where else you gonna find a off road dedicated bike for that cheap in great condition?

In California the '03 & '04 WR's actually had RED stickers. This may or may not be a concern to you but just keep that into consideration. With that said I would look for an '05 or newer. If you don't care about the aluminim frame then an '05-'06 would be a great bike. The '07-'11 aluminum frame models are essentially the same so you have a lot of options there. If I buy used I look for stock original condition with low hours and make the modifications myself for my type of riding.

Last year I was looking to by a new WR but ended up finding a clean '07 for half the price of a new one. With the money I saved I was able to do add, handguards, steering stabilizer, new tires, skid plate, rad guards, D.I.D/Ironman chain & sprockets Airtime HID etc.etc. Be patient and good luck!!!!

I think that 2004 for $2k is a good deal.

Realistically if you are over 75 kg rider weight you are going to need some valving and spring mods to keep you up in tne stroke. I was in the same boat, i selected the cheaper older model which was in vgc with low hours over a new 2010 model - primary reason i was too scared off trashing the new bike!!!

I love riding my 04 and at my riding level the diff between the alloy frame models would be small.

Ps both of them are going to be miles better than the drz so u cant loose lol

Go the 04 and with saved money trick up the suspension and get the hurricane kit

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Did the seller call back with good news?

The steel frame bikes have much more room to work on things. I think in 06 or 07 the engine got lubrication upgrades to improve the already impressive durability.

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