Help Needed

I'm not sure if I posted this a while back, but I am having some difficulties with a few bolts on the pig. 1st bolt, the wheel adjuster bolts in the swingarm have rusted themselves in the swingarm, I got the left side out and I snapped the right side off pretty damn flush with the swingarm. I tried drilling out through the bolt and tried the EAZY-OUT, it broke off inside the hole in the bolt that I just drilled out. I gave that a break and tried to remove my rear fender and put on the new dual sport fender that I got the other day, sounds easy!!! NOT!! Bolt 2, one of 5 that holds the fender in place does not want to come out. It is on the top right part of the sub-frame. The bolt and the little insert thingie are turning at the same time. Can anyone please help with ideas on getting these bolts out???

my top right subframe bolt was similarly screwed. hose a bunch of panther piss (wd40) on it, then stick a straightblade screwdriver under it and try to pry the bolthead up while turning, it helps to reseat that little insert thing and it was enought that i could get my bolt out. as for the swingarm, can you get the ezout thing out? if you can, try again with a different brand, i have had motomaster ones snap while the cheaper ones from an auto parts store actually worked. I think the cheaper ones are softer and will twist first, break later.

Problem fixed. I drilled a hole under the old hole with the swingarm bolt, and I drilled through the subframe where the bolt was tweaked holding the rear fender on, now using a bolt and nut in that area.

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