2011 YZ450F

hey guy's. i'm thinking about purchasing a new 2011 YZ450F very soon. a Yammie dealer in my town has 1 and has given me a price that seems really reasonable. i currently ride an 09' YZ450F.

what should i expect as for riding characteristics with the newer machine?

i read about some experiencing stalling, front end seems light...i think i can deal with those by adjustments on fork height and riding /habits

but what are the real differences?

thx in advance! :smirk:

The front end does feel light and bounces a little but it's not a critical issue, more irritating, but everything else about the bike makes you forget about it very quickly

I race mine is cross country races, the engine is excellent with the fi, you can lug it and get on the gas quick with no bog or hesitation,

I run a rekluse and it is simply the best mod you can do to the bike for off road riding

It's a heavy bike, but once you are going it feels like a very fast an powerful 250f, it handles great and turns better than any of the previous models

Overall it's a fantastic bike, you will not be sorry with it

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