Replacement Cahin Question

What chain do you guys like to replace the stock peice? This bike will be used in an MX environment.

any high quility o-ring

Unless you are really trying to keep the weight down, I would go with the O-ring.

It will out-last the typical chain 10 to 1.

I replaced the junk stocker with a d.i.d. gold x-ring and have been very happy. I ride about 3 times a week and still use the stock rear spocket. has the best prices I have found on chains, they beat the other guys by about 20$. good luck.

Did you guys with the o-rings notice any power difference at all between the o-ring and non-o-ring chains?

Go with the x-ring, all of the benefits of the o-rings with hardly any drag. I have a year on my DID with no problems!

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