Woods Rider Switch From YZ 250 to 2110 or Newer YZ 450

Just wondering if anybody has gone from 250t to 450f for woods riding? Do you miss the 2 stroker? What mods would you say are absolutely neccessary to get a 450 offroad ready?

I just switch from a kx250 to a 2012 yz450 so far so good but i havent got to woods race it yet

The YZ450f is not a good woods bike, 450s in general dont do the best but the Yamaha has to be the worst. Its just to much too soon. Hand guards are about the only "absolute" neccessary IMO, If your really considering one, go with the KTM, RMX, or WR, and those bikes only for the electric start. depending on who/what/where you ride, stopping/stalling can wear on you quickly and having to kick your bike over can get tiring. Out of those bikes, I would pick the KTM, just because of the performance aspect over a WR/RMX. There are other options such as the 'bergs, Betas, and the GG. They make specific trail bikes,with 6 speed transmissions, lights, electric start, 18inch wheels etc etc. Just my .02 cents.

If you only want something out of Japan, I would lean towards either a Honda (because its light) or Kawi (the engine)

I couldnt DISAGREE more...bikes easy to start and i find it super light for a 450...i havent had a single stalling issue with my 12

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250T - in My Opion.

Depends on how much you weigh, how long your off-road races are (if you race), how tight your trails are, etc.

Fuel range is a key issue.

Fuel may be an issue for some but not this cat


I couldnt DISAGREE more...bikes easy to start and i find it super light for a 450...i havent had a single stalling issue with my 12

Of course you would disagree, you own a YZF! Your bias towards one, as I am to KTMs. I have to ask your experience of other 450s? What were you riding previously for a bike? What type of riding do you do?

IMO, you would struggle with that bike in my playground. Though your skill might allow you to ride a YZF, it doesnt make it the best bike for the job. There are better bikes for off-road and IMO, a KXF would be it, or even a KTM. The Kawi is hands down the best 450 made and unfortunately what you could do to the YZF to make a good woods bike, you could make a KXF better.

Its not the the Yamaha is bad, but compared to others, its just not the best tool for the job!

I really like Yamaha, in fact, I really wanted to buy one but the price wasn't where I wanted it to be. I race expert HS/CC and have ridden plenty of 450s, I struggle on a 450 because of a lack of seat time. I own a business which allows me little time to train for racing. The 250xc was the easiest choice because I could just get on it and ride. You just cant do that on a 450!

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IMO, even a free modded WR450 is slow. At least the carbed one. OTOH, the FI YZ450F is beastly crazy power in the tight woods - IMO.

Find a Yamaha demo day near you. Ride the WR250, YZ250F, YZ250, WR450, and YZ450 back to back on the same trail. Very telling to compare the different bikes on same trail/same day!

This ride led me back to a 250 smoker (or two!).

Had a crf450 which was complete trash...had a ktm300 switched the a kx250 now im on yam 450 and havent looked back...its all about how the bike suits you and i found my match. I run some gncc, national enduro and local series.my last race i rode my pops old 426 just to play around and i destroyed 3/4 of the overall...i think like 23 overall out of roughly 150 people i also came from way in the back cause i had to pull of the track to.get my transponder oops The 450 is very capable. I dont see how the kawasaki is that much better...adjustable footpegs oooo launch control...useless in a dead engine start...im just not seeing how u say the yamaha is the worst woods bike

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I went from an 05 yz250 to a 10 450 and the change was amazing to say the least. Almost everything is better when it comes to the 2010. I couldn't go back at all, would be a serious downgrade.

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