Question on install for Pro Circuit 496 Exhaust

I'm trying to install a Pro Circuit 496 exhaust and have a question on the mounting. It did not come with a clamp for the header pipe to exhaust pipe connection. The new pipe fits over the header pipe by about 1.5 inches - but the new exhaust pipe has a smaller diameter and the stock clamp is way too big. The local Yamaha dealer thinks that no clamp is needed. Is this true?

i think pro circuit could tell ya, maybe ask someone with the t-4 exhaust, if its a pretty snug seal though you could try putting some high temp silicone sealer stuff in there and buy one of those screw clamps to tighten it up, or something like that :D:)

I can only tell you about the PC T-4 pipe, it just slips over the stock head pipe w/ no clamp. I thought it was crazy myself but it works great. I had to use the YZF 450 mounting rubber gromet for the back. The WR one wont work. the only thing I don't like about my pipe is it only sets about 1/8 of an inch from the nitrogen canister for the rear shock. I have about 1,000 mi like this and it has not yet blown my leg off (knock on wood) good luck :)

Thanks, I heard the same thing is true for the PC 496.

No prob, OBTW I needed the Longer YZF bolt as well as the rubber gromet for the rear hanger :)

Yeah, the PC 496 is packaged ready for the YZ450, but since I've got a WR450 I needed to buy the rear rubber gromet and longer bolt. It was kind of a nuisance, but it fits great now.

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