2000 YZ426 TPS question

I am in the middle of my YZ426 engine swap and since you guys really know these engines I figured I'd ask in here.

Do I need to hook up the TPS, or in other words, will it run worse if I do not plug in the TPS.

The reason I ask is that I fell into a heck of a deal on a 07 CRF450 FCR carburetor...so I bought it. The CRF TPS plug is male just like the Yamaha harness so they wont plug into each other. I could figure out which wire goes where and simply splice them together if I had to, but if there is no real benefit to having the TPS hooked up I wont worry about it.

Thanks in advance!

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The tps is used for the 3d timing map. People unplug them and say it softens the hit or they notice no difference. Yamaha would not have spent the money to put it there if it did nothing. I would want it to work.

It's not going to hurt anything by running without the TPS. Leaving it disconnected disconnected will affect throttle response at part throttle. At WOT the timing map will be similar and you wont notice much performance difference.

The OEM Yamaha TPS is very expensive (about $150) and p.i.t.a. to adjust. On your bike, I'd just go without it.

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Thanks alot guys!

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