Rekluse CoreEXP 2.0 (The Truth)

I bought a core exp for my gas gas .........ec250 .

The reason for me getting one is I have alot of trouble with my elbows, one has arthritis and the other tennis elbow so riding has been difficult and I even wondered whether I should give it away?

The other component was i would get terrible hand cramps after extended use of the clutch and this has made riding dangerous for me .

I love riding and sure as hell going to let those minor interferences stop me from riding .

Will it work ..........mmmmmm well I am banking on it ! I can now have a whole hand on the clutch side of my bike and I think it'll make all the difference

I'm not here to race around and be number one but if this item achieves what I have been pursuing then bring it on .

P.s I will keep you up to date

Regards Dazza

Hi all
I have a WR450F 2008, and I am really struggling with my clutch. The adjusters are nearly maxed out, and it has a new cable. The last event after two laps I could not hold the clutch lever in due to fatigue. So I started to research about the Core EXP 2 and then after reading the above posts I understand I NEED the Core 2 EXP. The only thing I cannot ascertain is; when I order the Core EXP 2, should I order new clutch plates, and if so what would people recommend, stock or aftermarket?


thanks for all the info



The steel driven plates are included.  It's a good idea to buy a new set of friction plates to go with it, though. 


I was able to make the decision to order the Rekluse EXP Core 2 and Rekluse clutch plates for my Yamaha WR450F 2008 today. I just hope I can report back with the same positive feedback everyone else has reported. The plates I have just removed from my bike have about 0.1mm left on the friction pads, is that low? I have not seen what new ones look like being a newbie


Thanks ............ Hoody

Friction plate thickness is listed in the manual.  '08 YZ450F specs are 2.92–3.08 mm (0.115–0.121 in)

I have just looked in my manual, it states 2.92 to 3.08, mine are 3.02 which equates to not quite half worn. Does that mean I did not need to order new ones? I don't mine, at least it will be all new in there once installed, at the moment I am waiting for it to be delivered, plus I cannot get the nut off from behind the clutch. I do not have the correct tool or a rattle gun, I am trying to release it by putting it in gear and locking the rear wheel with a bar in the spokes. But when I apply pressure it seems too much for the spoke, I do not want to cause any damage. Constructive criticism welcome lol


............ Hoody

Nut off, I used a metal bar in the rear sprocket :ride:

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