New Video - Finally back in the woods!

I just completed digitizing the first video clip of our ride on Friday the 13th and thought you might enjoy it. Go to to check it out. More to follow…

Tim, are you still out there?


] Cool clips! What's the matter? Can't you keep up with that little Two Fiddy? :)

Great videos -- thanks!

Those are to cool !!! :)

Excellent! I've got a big grin on my face!

Yo Ron,

Gettin some new clips huh? Been keeping busy with business. When you gonna come ride with us and do some footage?



Utah Motorcycle Adventures

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No love... :)

Razor, aren't you gonna stick-up for me? Who is that guy in front of me and what is he on?

I can’t believe the quality of the video, I thought the helmet cams would give nothing but a bouncing blur. Those clips are too cool.

The helmet cam is going on my wish list. :)

Nice stuff Ron. :)

Watching videos of you cruising around sure helps as this part of the continent does the spring thaw. I'm looking at about 2-3 weeks before new content gets put to tape. :D

Did you ever get that ADSL installed?

My I.P has changed to


Ron, not only will I stick up for you, I'll add a few cents to the mix.

First off, I'm on a '01-WR; I just make it look like a two-fiddy. Secondly, not only could Ron keep up, he probably could have passed me... at will.

For all of you TT guys who didn't show up,you missed a great day in the woods- PLAIN & SIMPLE. Ron knew this area very well,and for good reason, it's a great place to ride within a reasonable distance from the metropolitan LA area.

Thanks Ron, If you, or anyone is interested in riding this weekend, call me at 949.933.2077


I guess a correction is in order.

The video depicts The Wolf(DRZ-400) leading, followed by Ron in SoCal(WR-400); I'm bringing up the rear(WR-426).

Great video clip... too short,though.


Razor - I agree, the clips are too short. I'm trying to post more of that ride. Lots of great footage to choose from, just can't decide what to digitize… certainly crossing Deep Creek. I just learned we have another Friday the 13th in July! Keep that day open. I'm afraid I can't ride for a few weeks, blew a fork seal last Saturday and I had to send the Uncle Sam my suspension money on Monday. Gonna take my shock and forks to Fineline next week. Till then, I'm stuck watching videos. BTW - mike68 was just razzing me, but thanks for the kind words. Also, "The Wolf" mentioned he needs some computer work done & I'm the guy. Can you pass on my e-mail address to him for me? Thanks.

Tim - I should be there riding with you guys right now but have to pass this season due to a few home improvement projects and a heavy work load. I desperately need a vacation and can't think of a better way to recharge the 'ol batteries than taking a Utah Moto Adventure. We will definitely hook-up in the near future. I will be contacting you today via e-mail…

Neil - Unfortunately for me I'm still stuck with a modem but am very aggressively pursuing a fix. You provide real motivation - thanks a million! It won't be long now. I hope you thaw out soon!

Opps, this is getting long & I've got to get back to work. Talk to 'yall soon!

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