06 YZ450 transmission rebuild problems

So I lost 1st thru 3rd gear on my 06 yz450 bought a working transmission off ebay with everything shift fork drum ect. anyways replaced it all reassembled it and once I click it in gear it is stuck in that gear if I pull the shift pawl out I can shift thru all 5 gears fine with a ratchet but it wont do it from the shift shaft not sure what I did wrong? I have the factory owners manual everything on that side seems fine could one of the shift forks be in the wrong spot on the drum?

Are you turning the drum with the bolt that atteches the segment to the drum?

Watch the operation of the shift ratchet assembly. The first thing you need to know is whether the ratchet assembly re-centers itself correctly after a gear is selected. That is, as a gear is selected, the shift lever rotates the pawl lever (the part that holds the pawl plates) through until the gear is engaged, then re-centers so it can reach the next notch in the segment on the successive attempt. After that, analyze the problem.

Does the segment not rotate far enough?

Does the pawl not catch the next notch going one way or other? Why?

Does the pawl catch, but the shifter is unable to rotate the cam?

Also, be sure you have the segment correctly indexed on the cam. There is a small pin located in the right end of the cam that corresponds to a hole in the back of the segment, and it is a common mistake to misalign these. Kind of a PITA to fix, too.

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