Drain Bolt coming out durring ride

While riding last week I noticed my drain bolt (the second one you remove according to the manual). I probly did 5-6 laps with it out, maybe more not sure. Im worried that some dirt got in the motor on top of running my 2011 yz 450f with out oil. Just curious as to what my next move is, I was thinking I'd flush the motor (with out starting it) with some oil. Then just put new oil in it? Also I need the part number or name for that bolt i cant seem to find it. thanks

Yeah, I think it would be a good time to pull the valve cover and look for damaged cam journals. They don't survive long without oil. Consider yourself very fortunate if you see no damage. If you lost any oil, there is a good chance there is some damage somewhere.

Don't even consider running your bike again untill you inspect the top end.

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Ok well what should I look for? should I drain the oil first?

thanks btw!

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Drain the remaining oil into a clean container so you can see what you have in there.

If you can drain much oil, you may be OK.

Pull the cams out and look for scoring on the journals or cams. if you have light scoring it can be saved with careful polishing.

I left my bike in the back of my truck overnight, and the next day there was quite a bit of oil (although mixed with the rain water) in my bed. So im hoping that it came out later than sooner. It is the bolt below the oil filter if that means anything

thanks again

Any one know the name of the oil drain bolt right below the oil filter? I cant seem to find the part number on the diagram

Item number 13 on the Crankcase page: Bolt, Flange, PN 95814-08016-00. You'll also need #14, the copper washer, PN 90201-08087-00

Thanks alot man!

Safety wire is your friend.

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