Clutch question

Just wondering what brand everyone suggests? I have allways gone with oem frictions steels and springs, but I see Wiseco has some good deals on their kits... Also how many hours do you racers usally change out your clutch? No mines not slipping, just looking for a reference for the future.. 2011 450 with 21 hours.



As to when to replace, it depends so much on you that it's impossible to generalize any kind of answer. If you ride MX like me or my son do, your clutch could last for years. I use the gearbox, not the clutch, and let the big engine work. Other guys are always fanning and feathering as if it was a 125, and they manage to beat up a clutch in no time, it seems.

my last bike i had bought was a kz450. it had a trashed clutch in it when i bought it so i had to swap it out. when i did i threw a hinson clutch in it. They are on the expensive side but from what i understand they make some of the best clutch components out there. I could be wrong on that tho.

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