Transmission superfinishing pics and crank polish and balance

While my cases were split getting a new Carrillo long rod put in, I decided to get the transmission finished. Gears slide like butter on the shafts now. Can't wait to get it back together and ride it. My crank guy talked me into balancing it and machining it. Came out pretty good!!!






looks nice, make sure you give a ride report.

ISF process? Does your crank guy happen to be crank works? I've heard that they do most of the factory stuff. Let us know how much of a difference the ISF makes as I am interested.

ISF = isotropic super finishing I used a company out of Oklahoma that was recommended. I was able to cut out the middleman and got a much lower price.

I almost went with crank works but they were booked solid because of the SX season starting. I went with Accurate Crankshaft in Florida. He came highly recommended from JM racing and he does some factory bikes also.

The rest of my parts are in transit now so I should have it all back together by Sunday and ride it next week.

Well how was the bike after the trans install, how much better did it shift, was it worth the money, did you notice any major improvements.

Forgot all about this post. Bike shifts better now. Neutral is much harder to find which is a good thing while riding. Was it worth it? At $160 with cases already split to redo crank rod, yes! If my cases weren't already needing to be split, then no.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the info

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