Oil Leak from cylinder head!

Hey guys, i just helped my friend rebuild his 150 and it has some jetting issues that need to be sorted but the thing im wondering about is the small hole on the right side of the cylinder head (next to where the exhaust bolts on) a very very small amount of oil is leaking from there. Theres only the tiniest bit and im positive is leaking oil from there just i have no clue why i even what that hole is?

thanks Lachie

no worries, but check the Motor oil level. you probably already realized there's two oil compartments, one for motor and one for clutch. just a heads up

ok so we dont have anything to worry about? and the oil levels are good


Im pretty sure what your talking about is the weep hole for the spark plug. if water or in your case oil gets down in the spark plug valley it can weep out through that hole. If your leaking oil it is possible that it is coming from the seal on the valve cover.

turns out when he put the cap back on the seal came out so all good now :bonk:

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