Wrecked RH case on XR650R

Boy I wish I had purchased a wrap around skid plate now. Just got back from an 8 mile walk in the desert. Went out for a quick 45 min. before dinner ride and now the BRP is alone in the dark in the desert with a ripped off clutch and oil filter cover. So sad, and such a mild little wipe out too, maybe 10 mph but rocks care not, broke like an egg.

So... what kind of solvent to clean the dirt out of the case and any place to get a discount on those no doubt pricey mag parts?

Thankyou for any input.

I'd probably use diesel fuel or kerosene to clean the dirt out. For the best priced OEM parts (~30% off retail), check with www.servicehonda.com and ronayers.com

I had the same thing happen with my first BPR...knocked a 1-inch hole in the clutch cover. Pieces of the magnesium had fallen into the engine case...so I removed the whole, right crankcase cover, and removed the pieces. I used Contact Cleaner, and made sure there were no stray fragments. After re-assembling, I filled with oil, and started it up for about 1 minute...then drained the oil, and re-added another fresh amount of oil. Had no problems after...Also, I did pick up all of the parts from Service Honda. Worst part of the whole effort was when I stripped the stud-bolt, and had to take the whole crank cover off again...A word of caution, be careful when tightening that single bolt...

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