'01 426 Suspension Set Up Help!!

I have just purchased a new 01 426. I am 6'1'' tall and weigh about 205lbs. dry, 220lbs. geared up. I am an intermediate rider and this bike will be utilized 95% for MX. Can some one give me some help on suggested springs and race sag front and rear. Also how about some spring preload and fork oil level and weight ideas. Let me know.

I'm 190 and had to raise the oil level in the front forks and am out 11 on the front both comp and reb. I keep blowing the mid-valves though and then the forks get really harsh. The rear seems to be alot more forgiving and I have no complaints. I am having my suspension re-valved this week, because I'm tired of getting beat up.

I'm going with Race-Tech, but have heard MX-Tech is good too.

What I would really like to have is some of those "works" Showa forks from Pro Circuit, but they are 5k and I'm going to wait til I get my 02 CR 250 for that! LOL!!!

My settings:




oil - 100mm


Hi Comp: 1.5

Lo Comp: 9

Reb: 10

Preload: 18 threads showing = 100 mm sag

Make sure you let the suspension break in before trying anything too dramatic. It takes 3-4 good hard rides to get it to soften up. Then change the oil right away. Yam 01 oil is 5 wt. Use a good synthetic if you can. I hear ATF also works. I use Bardahl synth 5wt. I plan to raise the fork oil even more to see if it helps in the final bit of travel. Maybe 80 mm. stock is 130mm from the top. Follow the manual explicitly.

The suspension is excellent once you get it dialed in for your weight/riding style/etc

Forgot to mention that I weigh 195lbs and ride motocross only, no trails. I am an intermediate level mx rider.

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