how thick is the oil tank cover

07 yz 450...While changing the oil, i had to force off the oil drain bolt on the starter side of the bike. i had to take the oil drain bolt with vice grips. after finishing i noticed that the bottom cover above the oil drain bolt was worn away. about a M&M size amout was worn away by the vice grips. there is also a crack in side the worn part of the cover. it appears that there is oil leaking from this crack. i am guessing it is leaking for this, or it could be from the copper crush washer. i put the old washer on the new oil drain plug bolt. is the bottom of the oil tank thin enough that i could have put a crack in it?

i put a little jb weld on the crack. after it dries i will put oil back in the bike to see if it holds. has anyone else ever seen this before? thanks

At it's thinnest, its about 3mm thick (.120").

At it's thinnest, its about 3mm thick (.120").

Sorry i am no expert...thats not very thick right? could i have worn through it that easy?

It's about 1/8th of an inch. Not very thick.

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