Exhaust pipe VS. Rear brake reservoir

My FMF pipe rides VERY close to my rear reservior/master cylinder, right at the top. It seems like it may be starting to melt the cap on the reservior.

Anyone else had this problem, or am I just the lucky one?

Yep I had the same problem even with stock muffler on. Guess its hust too hot to handle. :)

I remember a post about the melting reservoir a little while back. Popular fixes were either to use some exhaust heat wrap, like drag racers use on headers etc, or a few guys here have fitted the YZ450 one-piece reservoir/master cyl'. Mine is very close, but hasn't started melting yet. Touch wood......

Well, after I posted this last night, it started bugging me. Off the the garage I go. I took the exhaust bolt out (behind the headpipe, in front of the silencer), and put a spacer between the pipe and the frame, maybe a little thicker than a nickel. This moved the pipe towards the center of the bike, and off of the reservior. I got to thinking about it, and there must have been a spacer there before, but that bolt fell out on the trail a while ago, and I didn't even think of a spacer when I put in a new bolt.

Anyway, all better now!

Had the same problem with my WB exhaust. I also put a few spacers under where the reservoir mounts on the frame to pull it away from the pipe.

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