Wrenches for trail repairs?

I'm used to riding a Honda, and love my new WR426, but need suggestions on fannyback tools. What do you guys carry to remove front and rear axle nuts, and for a spark plug wrench. Don't want to carry 3 different wrenches, but still want to be able to fix flats and change plugs on the trail. Hate using crescent wrench, but maybe that's the solution. Does someone make wrench and tire iron combo to fit front and rear axle nuts. Honda makes they funky wrench that comes with the bike, but it fits the spark plug and front and rear axles.Want to keep the fanny back weight down if possible when trail riding.

Any suggestions are appreciated

Hey Honda,

Sorry but I don't have an answer for you...I'm just curious about the same thing. The bike came with a plug wrench, great, but only good for one thing.

I'm also curious about what type of bag people use. There are some that bolt to the rear fender and others that strap/bolt to the front and others that you wear as a hip sack or backpack.

I'll be back to see what everyone's using out there.



Rip the knobbies clean off :)

I personally carry a snap-on roll-away on my back when I trail ride. Seriously, my fanny pack weighs a ton, but there are many friends and strangers that can thank me for getting them out of the woods.

I used to have an XR400 that I bought a set of tire iron/ axle nut wrenches for. I bought them from SRC racing. They don't fit the WR axle nuts, but I know they sell different sizes. I never checked into it. I bought a flat axle wrench made by Fredette, that has both sizes for the WR and I carry those spoons from SRC. The wrench is really light and does the job when you need it to.

Besides that, I carry just about every tool I would need to either get me home, or in most cases, finish the day of riding. I would really hate waiting on the side of the road for my wife to bring the truck!!!

I am new to the whole trail setup, but I do know this. The first thing I did was order a tool kit by moose racing, that mounts on my rear fender. I put in a spare plug, wrench,cresent, screw driver,10mm,and 12mm wrench. just enough to get by for now. I figure in time I will learn what else to put into it. The next thing I will put in it, is a 10' strap for towing. My first ride, my buds YZ250 broke down. I managed to find a peice of twine that got us the 2 miles to the truck. I like the rear fender mount because I am getting older and dont need to hump any more junk on my person than neccesary, but thats only an idea, good luck, happy riding. Thane

My buddy was mocking my little Moose pack on my YZ fender, until he got a flat!

I'd like to get one of the MSR Rider Wrenches but don't know which one..

anyone know if they make one that fits a '99 YZ?Wrenches on Chapparal

ok Its the 27/22 that seems to fit.

Sticking that in my fender pack along with tubes, etc...

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