Riding with full RV hookup

HELP!! My wife is killing me. I was planning on going to Hungry Valley next weekend for four days with the RV to do some riding. However, when I told her that it was dry camping only, she freaked! She said there was no way I was going to ride all day in the dirt and not be able to take several showers before I got in her RV!!

So... where can I find some good riding that has a full hookup RV park adjacent???


Poor you,

Life is so hard some time LOL :)

Doesn't your RV have a fresh water tank? :)

I take an extra 12 gallons of water when we dry camp more than 2 nights... then I yell at everybody(2 boys, wife) about saving water when ever they turn on the faucet, use the toliet or take a shower. It seems to work, we always have just enough. We also take several gallons of extra drinking water.

Ever been give a bath in your bed by a nurse? You dont need much water at all ! As the man said get a large water tank and you should be set.

I have a popup camper that holds 20 gallons....I carry another 20 on top of that. I also use a solar shower in which I use any water available ...hopefully from a nearby stream or lake. :)

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