Knee Surgery

Well, had my surgery last Wed.

New ACL and meniscus debrided.

They kept me in the hospital until Thurs. afternoon. Sent me home with percocets, immobilizer brace, crutches and instructions to start bending the knee when sitting and putting weight on it only with the brace on. I borrowed one of the ice pumps from Dennis (thanks!) and have been following the instructions.

I don't have much movement, about 40%, and am wondering how hard to push it. I don't see the Doc until next Fri.

Any suggestions on proper rehab?

By the way, this sucks, so work on getting your knees/legs in shape and take any precautions so you don't go through this!

Thank GOD for morphine! :)

F, get well soon bud! Let us know if you need any help with anything.

A short story on the percosets. Our family was in a car accident about 5 years ago and my wife broke her sternum. She was so out of it a few days later that she asked me to get her one of those "pachyderms" for the pain. We still laugh about that one...

im in the same boat.had partial medial menisectomy & acl reconstruction w/ patellar tendon 2days ago(friday).i insisted on the general anesthesia .they kept pushing the epideral. the general works for me i didnt want to be awake.surgury started at 10.00am and i was walking in my front door at2:30 pm.they told me to remove brace at any time and full weight ok .the first two days i sent 10 hours or so with the polarcare unit and cpm machine(flexs leg continuesly). the cpm machine is the best thing after acl surgury. ihave it set 0-60 deg. today.ill start pt tommorow. good luck F-PILOT keep us informed as how your doing.

Post on the WR board for sclaus. He had ACL surgery about 8 months ago and he's riding hard. I should know, he's always to trying to pass me! :)

Sorry to hear your delima. I have had both ACL's replaced using the Patella. The CPM machine I thought was standard? Don't push it. Do only what you can until you start PT.

My sister is a PT, so if you want any answers I can get them or give you her #.

She has always told me that my knees would ONLY be as good as my re-hab.

Hang in there!

Hang in there F-Pilot before you know it, you'll be doing pancakes off of " Death Pit "

Don't tell me how bad this ACL really is, I'm still to chicken to get mine fixed :)

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