2010 yz 450 fender on 08

I want to know if the 2010 yz450 front fender will work on my 08 and if it is a direct bolt on or if I have to drill new holes or something I searched but couldn't really find anything

Thanks for the reply isn't there 4 bolts do I drill the holes bigger or have to re drill the holes completly ?

There are 4 bolts, but only two need to be redrilled. Bolt your fender upside down on top of the new one and use it as a template.

The Cycra fender in the post I linked to bolts up.

Cool thanks for those answers I might just order the cycra one I just hate waiting for shipping lol

I bought one from rockymnt and drilled all four holes out. I shifted the fender forward when I did this to avoid having my fender being scratched from the airflow veins on the rad's. For my new project though I'll def buy one with predrilled holes. I also converted the 2010 rear fender to work on my bike :smirk:.


Post number 10. At the time I didn't have a white rear fender to cut up to do the mod so I used my stock blue one to cover the difference between the two styles. My plan is to buy a white stock one and cut it up to get rid of the blue plastic's. I'm doing the same thing on my black plastics that I'm putting on it.

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