How many of you would switch brands?

I just got the new Dirt Rider and saw the drawing of the new suzuki 450, looks pretty neat huh.That got me thinking, as much as I love my WR450 would I switch if Honda, Suzuki or Kawasaki came out with an off road version 450 with aluminum frame, electric start and all the other off road stuff.I've always loved the looks of yellow bikes, that suzuki looks like its going to be a neat looking bike. What if the new 450's were five or ten pounds lighter, had a lower seat height and handled even better than our WR'S? Good question huh. I've had just about all the brands over the years but have always perferred Yamaha, they seem to be more worry free than the other bikes I've had. But some of these new four strokes are looking pretty good. hmmmmm just thinking :)

Blasphemy. Must think of good medeival torture for you...

The tourture would be to take away my bike and make me start golfing. yuck

I've always loved the looks of yellow bikes

Get the Hannah kit for your bike (you MUST have a YZF tank and seat though).

I have purchased ALL the yellow plastic for my WR, except for my Clarke YZF400 tank (in YELLOW of course).

this WILL be a Winter transformation to retro YZ yellow!!

I'd switch if the bike was better. I did to buy the WR. I've always had bad luck with Yamaha's but they had the goods when I needed a new bike and Honda didn't. So far, it's been a great bike.

It would take a very special effort to get me away from the WR450. It is close to perfection for me. Just give me fuel injection and a slightly lower seat height and I would have the perfect off road bike for my riding. :)

I am NOT dedicated to any brand of bike. I have owned all the Big 4, and all were good bikes.

I would have no problems switching brands. I really feel that I'm on the best bike that I could get for the type of riding I do. I have always favored Hondas and Yamahas. I've owned many bikes from both brands. I'm really waiting for a 450cc bike from Kawasaki... Something about those green bikes in the desert.... :)

The tourture would be to take away my bike and make me start golfing. yuck

ROTFLAMAO!!!!!! Me too! :)

I always thought I would like a CRF, until I rode one. It just didn't feel right. My Yamaha felt like it was so much easier to go fast on. The guy who owned the CRF 450, was very impressed with my 450's low end and how it came alive when he twisted the throttle. His Honda BTW had a 10 oz. flywheel and was set up for enduros. I guess what I'm saying is even though I own more Hondas right now, My Yamaha WR is the best choice for me. Also I've had alot more yellow Yamahas than blue ones! I heard from a Friend that owns a Kawi dealership that a 450 four stoke racer is not far off. If it handles great, starts easy, weighs less, you never know...

Just give me fuel injection and a slightly lower seat height and I would have the perfect off road bike for my riding. :)

Yeah, no kidding. When're the big four going to go to fuel injection. Sure, it's a little extra weight, but imagine .. all your jetting woe's gone.

I sold a 2001 DRZ400E Zuk ( great trail bike ) and bought my WR because I couldn't wait for the new Zuk 450. I doubt they will be as good as the other 450's first couple years out. I have ridden the new Zuk four stroke 250, nice but won't replace my Bud's YZF. Just my opinion. :)

Best, most reliable bike I've ever owned was a 1982 Suzuki RM250. :) Drum brakes fore & aft, first year of water-cooling, and power like you wouldn't believe (if you knew how to use a clutch :D). You wouldn't believe the hell I put that thing through back when I was a lot faster than I am now. The thing was virtually bullet-proof. I've actually still got it and am looking to restore it to the glory of its youth. I've always respected Suzuki and what they could do. If the bike was in the league of the WR's I'd consider it.


Have owned Honda and KTM in the past....all good bikes. I would never rule out a return.

Never owned a kawi or SuziQ

Rode a GT380 and I about was killed, that piece of crap spit me right off in a hi side. Never rode another Suzuki Except the tm400 which did the same dang thing. Screw suzi

But, WHo knows Maybe a KTM450 now that Cdale is gone. But Then again, if I did that the Wet dreams would come back and I would have ot get professional help at my Local Yami Dealer :)

So in short Not until the pull my dead cold fingers from off the throttle will I change

Like my WR but those KTM's catch my eye.

I would not hesitate to switch.Like you,when I was a younger,and much more agressive rider,I had a great bike.An '83 Honda cr480.It was better than I was.Power,light,fast,handled,If Honda would come out with a bike to compete with my wr450 then I would switch.Now.

I picked my WR because of the dealer....every other dealership in Tucson has out-of-town owners that think they're running a car shop. Eastside Cycle has both owners present always, I've ridden and raced with them and they've taken VERY good care of me.....even when I was riding a Hondog! I'll never buy a new bike from anyone else... :)

Will you stand still so that we may slap you :):D

Hell NO.....why do you want to slap me?

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