How many of you would switch brands?

:cheers:Check out the new sherco 450. Blue and fuel injected :D

Just give me fuel injection and a slightly lower seat height and I would have the perfect off road bike for my riding. :)

Yeah, no kidding. When're the big four going to go to fuel injection. Sure, it's a little extra weight, but imagine .. all your jetting woe's gone.


if you ask me if would switch brands i would get the crf 450 and spray paint all the red blue, i rode the 04 and all i can say is wow no engine braking at all, i can loft the front end up and keep it there without have the front shoot down from the compression, and up face jumps its wont slow down too much at all, but if i did i'd sure as hell miss the hit from the yamaha's mid range, if it was up to me i wouldnt switch actually, id just get both :)

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