SDG seat vs IMS Seat

I have had an SDG seat on order for over a month does anyone actually have one. They keep telling me 2 weeks. I am about ready to give up. Can you get an IMS seat with different covers (ie. Black gripper) is the quality there with the IMS seat. I am also about ready to order a OEM YZ tank. Do I need anything other than the tank. Will the OEM WR Brackets, petcock etc. work with the YZ tank. Does $200.00 sound like a good price for the tank. Again, thank for a great site.

I think my IMS seat is good quality. No complaints.

I used all my WR hardware on my factory YZ tank, It's a no brainer. I have the factory YZ seat also, and did not like the cover at all. I put an Acerbis gripper cover on it.The SDG seat looks like a quality part, it might be worth the wait(especially for the price).


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WR in SoCal, I have the IMS YZ seat on my WR it's top notch but a little on the firm side, I've pretty much wore out the Factory Effex cover on it though, so I order the new SDG seat, I needed to put on a new cover (50 bucks) so I just decided to get the SDG seat with a gripper for $75. Im told mine is still on back order from my reliable guy at the Yamaha shop. Also, I just bought a YZ tank for my WR from 2-dads racing for $150.00 slightly used, he has more I think.

I don't have any experience with IMS, but the SDG seats look sweet. They are the only seat I will buy for my mountain bikes.

Maybe a little far south, but Mission Yamaha in Laguna Niguel has SDG seats in stock, not sure what bike they are for, but I saw them there. I also saw them at Cycle City in El Toro.

Heywood, I want to believe that the seats that you saw at Mission Yamaha are for the YZ250. The four strokers should be out anytime. See Ya, Dan

Thanks for the info. As soon as someone recieves there sdg seat let the rest of us know about the fit & finish. I'll wait a little longer to see if the sdg comes through. Can't wait to run the WR with the YZ seat / tank combo.......

I was told by my friendly neighborhood parts guy that my seat would be shipped on the 20th. I have it on order and called White Brothers and they confirmed the date I will keep you posted.


P.S. I sure hope they meant this month!

I have also ordered a seat from SDG, as of yesterday.. they have not replied to verify my order. I also ordered a Clarke 3.3 gal. YZ tank. Getting tired of my front end washing out in turns.. love the bike. hate the handling. will let you know....


After waiting on my seat I called White Brothers again and was told that it would be shipped on May the 7th. I'm getting tired of waiting since my new YZ tank with dry break is collecting dust in the garage. Sure hope they are right this time!!

Be flattered guys. You bought the most popular seat in the history of man and motorcycles. You have BECOME PART OF MOTORCYCLE HISTORY! :)

Feel better...I didn't think so.


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Is that what you were told when you put in your deposit for a Cannondale :) I know you wanted the e-button....


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