yz rear fender

i am more than certain its been answered, but could not find it. so, for those of you who have thrown on a yz rear fender and eliminated the tail light, what did you do with the wiring? just black tape it up and leave it unplugged? or do you have to put some sort of resistor in place like you do when you remove the headlight? will the electrical be ok if i just unplug it and go? thanks in advance. bikes a 2005 btw.

I have switched YZ & WR fenders back and forth many times on my 426. When I run the YZ fender I just tape up the connector with electrical tape. Never had any problems. This is all you should need to to.

Do you realy have to put a resistor in place if the headlight is removed? what if the globe fuses? this sounds suspect to me?

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