New WR400 owner, new to TT

Hi All,

I'm new to Thumper Talk and MX in general. I'm from the :smirk: UK :lol: and already have a Honda CB600 Hornet which is my road bike and recently became the owner of a 2000 Yamaha WR400.


Admittedly it's not up to the standards of some of the bikes I'm seeing on here, and probably not the best starter bike :bonk: - but the deal was good, and I wanted something to do a bit of trails riding on and have a bit of muddy fun. My youngest son (9) has a 110cc Stomp pit bike, so this means I can also chase him around the fields etc. we have access to.

Already ordered a lowering link as I'm on tip toes when on it, and for making it a bit easier to kick over :lol:

Welcome to TT, looks like a fun bike to me!

I went for that as my first bike :smirk: only had it a month but LOVE it. Nice ot see another Brit too!

hey man, welcome to the forum. its a pretty damn good looking bike if you ask me, alot less rough then my 400 was:p and im liking that yellow number plate, never seen that before it looks good. -Wes

Welcome, looks a very tidy example of a 400.

Makes my my 426 look like an old dog.....which it is at present.

Great bike, enjoy.

Thanks for the replies guys - much appreciated.

The bike has been well maintained and used for a bit of trails and enduro. There are a couple of little jobs on the to-do list like re-fitting the speedo, re-connecting the rear light, and fitting the lowering kit then re-setting the suspension for my weight. Workshop manual in hand, and Haynes manual on the way !

Had some fun on it today - absolutely love it :-D Starting a 3-bike trailer build so I can tow it and my sons bike on the back of the Land Rover.

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