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clutch lever lights up neutral light!

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Hi all,

Ive tried a search on this problem and not found an answer.

Ive just bought an electric start 1996 xr250.

Runs great and with exception of cut indicator wires, i belive very genuine untouched bike.

Wiring loom shows absolutly no sign of being damaged nor anyone wiring extra stuff or playing with it.


When you pull the clutch lever in, it illuminates the neutral light, even when the bike is in gear.

the neutral light works ok for showing its in neutral, goes out when in gear, but when riding along every time clutch pulled in, light illuminates.

I tried disconnecting clutch switch but this then stop me being able to start bike in gear.

side stand seems to work ok, kills engine when its dropped down if in gear though when stand down the clutch lever does not illuniate the light.

so, 2 questions,

Has anyone come across problem of clutch lever before?

and which wires do i join to get rid of side stand switch? (thinking when off road and it momentarily drops after bumps and kills engine)



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