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what air filter is the best for the 450f fi ? stock looks awful porous for the fi? used twin air on the carb bikes, haven't really shopped for this bike. with the location of the air box it dosen't seem to get as dirty as quick though.

When you say that the filter looks porous, remember that the filter element doesn't do the filtering, the oil you put on it does. The idea of foam filters is that they are porous and allow good air flow.

FI/non-FI is irrelevant because the air filter doesn't keep dirt out of the fuel system, just the intake.

I have a couple Twin-Air filters and a couple of GYTR filters."Like you stated" the GYTR filters are more porous than the Twin-Air ones but I use the Twin-Air Bio oil on all the filters including the stock one. I haven't had any problems with any of em and would say they all are good filters. If I was to make a decision between which filter I liked the best would have to be the Twin-Air filters over the GYTR.

Reason I picked Twin-Air is only because the filter is not colored and when you put oil on it you can see if all the oil is covering the filter evenly. The GYTR filters are red and when you apply the oil to them you have to be sure to submerge the whole filter in the oil to be sure that you have spread the oil evenly over the whole filter. Other than that is a good filter.

thanks for the replies. That thin, flat filter is just different to me, maybe it's the square versus round I don't know. Yeah you are right grayracer, the injecter gets dirty from dirty fuel not dirty air.

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I've been using twin air and PJ1 and they work well. Not even a spec of dust or fine layer of dirt in duct or t-body. Others may work as well.

i have 2 k&n filters, twin air nd stock. i prefer the k&n despite what others feel. i swap them out every ride or at least every other ride depending the time/condition im riding. performance wise i cant tell a difference between any of them really. personally, as long as u keep the filter clean they should all be good

The BEST air filter is the DT-1 over-the-cage filters. At least that is what the guy told me that sold me two of them :-)

i have two of them and they are very well made. They contact the top of the air box in two spots and they don't leave a lot of room around them. The flat filters are a little easier to install and maintain, so I normally use flat filters. Also, if you switch from the flat filter to the DT-1 you have to be sure the cage is thoroughly cleaned, so that adds another step to the proces.

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