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2000 yz250 clutch engagement question

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Hi, I have a 2000 yz250 motor that I'm putting together, and i had to adjust ALL the slack out of the (new) cable and the clutch lever to get the push rod to start pushing out on the pressure plate, this put the acutuator (in the case) at about the 1400 position. I double checked the new basket and the new pressure plate and OEM fibers and plates. I compared to my 09 YZ250 and that engages the pressure plate at about the 1600 position, also still have plenty of adustment left in the cable and lever.

Could the push rod be that worn, or possibly the actuator?

anybody have something similar, can anyone with a 2000/2001 check to see at what position their actuator is when it engaes the pressure plate.

thanks for any help

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