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03 525 EXC no fuel in accel pump

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I've had this bike since new. NEVER had a carb problem in 15,000 miles. It started running crappy. Sputtering, dying...I got a carb kit and replaced the orings and diaphragm. Fuel won't go into the accel pump bowl. All passagways are clean and clear. The check valve where the fuel goes into the AP is clean and clear. If I push the ball down fuel will go in. I then manually (allen wrench) pump the pump and it will squirt out what I let in and then stops. I assume that vacuum is supposed to pull the check ball valve open. But it is not working. I pushed the bal valve out and cleaned it and replaced it. It Still doesn't work.

Now what?

Does it really need the spring in the check valve. It has worked great for years. How can it suddenly quit working?

This carb has no leak jet.

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