Only starts with hot start button out

I have been searching the forum looking for a bit of advice, I have just purchased a brand new WR426F (2002 model), when it was delivered I spent an hour trying to start it before giving up, next day same thing, finally instead of pulling the choke out I thought I would pull the red hot start button out, bike started first kick, and now always starts first time form cold, but only by using hot start button. Now it is my understanding that using the hot start button lets extra air in thus "leaning the mixture", does this indicate that my bike is running rich and the jets need changing or prehaps the air screw resetting or am i barking up the wrong tree, has anyone got any ideas or had the problem before ?

You are on the right track. First test the mixture screw to determine how many turns out you are, then experiment. Clockwise (in) is leaner.

Have you rejetted for your altitude....if you are a high plains drifter and you bought it from a low plains dealer/guy then you will have to rejet to get the most out of your bike.

Now dont ask me about how to jet for your altitude ...I wont stick my neck out that far... check out JD jetting though if you are stuck for some help.

Note on starting... Stay away from the throttle! Most people (myself included) have a tendency to blip the throttle every time they kick the bike over. You have to train this out of your right hand, or hold on to the bar by the front brake lever perch.

Are you using "the drill"? You didn't tell us what you had been trying. Starting your WR should be easy, but if you do it wrong (yes, there is a wrong way), then it won't play.

If you are following the drill, and staying off the gas, then I would say you definitely have a jetting issue.

Here is my starting drill cold, be it my KTM400SX or my WR426(properly jetted): turn on the gas, pull out the choke, twist the throttle once, confirm the bike is in neutral, get kick starter to TDC, pull in compression release and nudge kickstarter-just past, bring kick starter to top, one kick<like a man>, she starts 95% of the time with that one kick.

I love taunting the YZ&WR 4stroke riders with the twisting of the throttle. With the proper setup these bikes start very easy, hot or cold.

I agree with the twist of the throttle when cold, I do the same. Without a twist to prime it, mine will still start in 2-3 kicks, I did it that way for almost a year. First though, he needs to see if it will start without the hot start. Since it sounds kinda like his bike is getting flooded, I would NOT touch the throttle at all.

I don't touch the throttle, I was basically following the starting procedure in the book for cold starting, I tried most of the starting procedures that I found in this forum, nothing worked until I decided to try the hot start, which works and allows the bike to start, it will not start at all with out the hot start.

Have turned the fuel jet down to 1/2 turn out bit better but still needs hot start when cold, but will now start ok when warm without it, Pilot jet is a 42 is it worth dropping to a 38 to lean the mixture further ?

Drop it to 40 first. This will probably be enough because of the adjustability with the fuel screw. Also the winter months are coming and a richer setting is better (necessary). I run a 40p in mine.

Did you ever resolve this issue? My son just took the carb off his '01 426, cleaned it,and put it back on and now it only starts with the hot start button out....

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