WR250f clamps on YZ450f

Will 2007 wr250f triple clamps/steering stem fit on 2007 yz450f? I

I have a yz450 supermoto with 13mm offset triples and I used stock steering stem from stock triples. Now I want to get some forks/shock for dirt use. Can't find just a steering stem on ebay but I did find a complete set of 07 wr250f triples for cheap. Anyone know if it will work?

I think the stem will turn out to be too short by 10-12 mm

You can use '07+ WR 450 triple clamps if you can't find a stem or YZ clamp. The 125's and 250F's (not the 250 two stroke) have the short stem.

The WR 250 and 450 clamp is 2mm narrower than your YZ clamps and the 250F stem is 10mm shorter. You can press out the YZ stem and use it in the WR lower. The 2mm difference will not be noticed. It effectively offsets the front wheel to the right 1mm (.039", less than 1/16 inch). Everything else (caliper, axle, spacers) will fit fine.

There is another difference between the steel frame and aluminum frame triple clamps. The steering stop on the steel frame is wider and if you use a triple clamp from a steel frame bike on your '07, the forks might hit the tank before hitting the stops.

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